Water Delivery Whangarei

Water2go – or Water 2 Go – is a Whangarei owned and operated water delivery company servicing the Northland region for the past 10 years. We deliver health board-approved drinking water, and supply water tanks for Northland, and service the following industries;
  • Residential
  • Agricultural
  • Commercial
  • Educational
  • Industrial
  • Marine
We have 2 water trucks with a carrying capacity of 10,000 litres each, and a third truck with a capacity of 3,500 litres. We supply household water for water tanks for Northland. For use in swimming pools, new septic tanks, and any other household use. Hard to access areas are no problem, thanks to our smaller truck, and skilled drivers.

Service Options

We offer a same-day delivery service, and are available via mobile, and for house calls.


Our smaller truck has a 7 metre long trailer that can carry up to 3 tonnes. That’s great for carrying long lengths of timber, iron, or other building materials, such as plastic or concrete pipes, flashings or posts. We also have a tipper truck that can carry up to 11 tonnes, which is ideal for carting and delivering metal, brown rock, and anything else you need.


Yes, we provide winz quotes. Please contact us for these.